THE LOBSTER COAST Rebels, Rusticators, and the Struggle for a Forgotten Frontier By Colin Woodard

Item# ISBN_978-0-14-303534-3

Veteran journalist Colin Woodard's startling portrait of the Maine coast and it's forgotten history is a fascinating tale of intrigue, conflict, and stubborn perseverance. Born and raised in Maine, Woodard is able to reveal a people with an Old World sense of ties that exist between blood and soil; many of the tiny fishing and farming hamlets that dot the coast are still ocupied by the families that settled them three or four centuries ago. These communities and their unique way of life are now threatened by the forces of suburbaniztion spreading north from the cities. Part history, part ecological fable, "The Lobster Coast" tells a story as big as America itself, one with poignant lessons for the inhabitants of a rapidly shrinking world. 2004 paperback, 372 pages.